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Sorry, we could not find Events in Dublin

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  • Hugh Jackman


    3Arena, Dublin, Ireland

    31 May 2019 (Friday), 02:00 PM


    Hugh Jackman Tour Schedule


    Hugh Jackman is a man with many talents in both the film and music industry. With a background in musical performances, he makes a splash in any production he works on. He has a lot of talent that’s showcased through his many awards for both his singing and his acting. Hugh Jackman’s fans love to see him perform live, because, after all, he got started as a celebrity on the theater stage.


    Jackman has plans to begin his Hugh Jackman: The Man, the Music, the Show tour starting on May 13th in Hamburg, Germany. He plans to continue in places like Amsterdam, Zurich, Paris, Manchester, Dublin, Detroit, Philadelphia, and Las Vegas, to name a few. His final date is on July 17th in San Jose, California.


    Hugh Jackman Background


    Hugh Jackman was born in Sydney, Australia in October of 1968. Hugh had been attracted to the life of theater ever since he was a young boy. He enjoyed acting, but never thought his hobby was something he could make a living off of. He focused on school, did a few side acting parts, and graduated from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts in 1994. Almost as soon as he graduated, he was offered a role on a TV by a popular director at the time. Although the show ended after one season, Jackman became increasingly popular for his acting in Australia and beyond. His performances in musicals like Oklahoma!, The Boy From Oz, and The Greatest Showman have shown that Jackman is a true fan of musicals and the theater at heart.


    Hugh Jackman’s Greatest Hits


    Hugh Jackman has lent his voice and acting talents to many musical productions in his career. Some of his best work was his production on the musicals Les Misérables, Kate & Leopold, and The Greatest Showman.

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  • Michael Bublé


    3Arena, Dublin, Ireland

    07 June 2019 (Friday), 06:30 PM

    Michael Buble has been gracing our ears with music for many years. Whether it’s his pop tracks or Christmas music (it’s likely his Christmas music), there’s no denying that his rise to fame was fast and furious. Buble has a voice that’s been described as smooth and like no other, and he’s picked up multiple Juno Awards and several Grammy’s for it. His work is just as good on stage though, and many of his fans adore his live stage presence and performance.


    Buble has many live shows lined up to meet his fans in 2019, starting on February 13th in Tampa, Florida. Tickets can be purchased for various cities, including Detroit, Houston, Las Vegas, Glasgow, Manchester, Dublin, Madrid, Hannover, Hamburg, and Leipzig. The final date he has set up for 2019 currently is in Munich, Germany for November 10th.


    Michael Buble Background


    Michael Buble is a Canadian writer and singer, and he was born in British Columbia in 1975. Although his childhood was spent dreaming about becoming a hockey player, Buble’s family recognized his musical ability at the age of just 7-years old. He didn’t officially pursue that option until he was about 16, when his grandfather helped him get gigs at clubs for his singing. He was eventually discovered at a local gig, and through connections of connections, he ended up getting signed by 143 Records. From there, it was a short trip to the top, with his self-titled debut album reaching top 10 in Canada, South Africa, and the UK.


    Michael Buble’s Greatest Hits


    Michael Buble’s music has remained constant throughout his years of fame. His most popular songs are just as popular today as they used to be. Some of his fan favorites are “Everything”, “Haven’t Met You Yet”, “Home”, “Lost”, and “It’s a Beautiful Day”. His 2018 album, Nobody But Me, won the title for Adult Contemporary Album of the Year at the Juno Awards.

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  • Tame Impala


    3Arena, Dublin, Ireland

    26 June 2019 (Wednesday), 06:30 PM

    12 tickets left

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  • The Eagles


    3Arena, Dublin, Ireland

    08 July 2019 (Monday), TBA

    The Eagles Tour Schedule

    The Eagles band is known to be the most American rock-group. Their albums and singles have topped the hottest world charts for multiple times. Their melodic country-folk and soft-rock songs literally conquered ears and hearts of millions of people worldwide. The Eagles have shaken the audience with their 7 studio albums and live concerts. Although the band is not very active now, it has grandiose plans on 2019. The next tour starts in January 2019. The first concert is scheduled on January 18th, starring Don Felder. The group itself will perform starting February 16th in Meridian, Houston.

    The Eagles’ Background

    The rock band was formed in 1971. There were 4 members (Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Bernie Leadon and Randy Meisner). The band members successfully co-worked and tried different music genres. The first album to see the world was influenced by blues, the second held too much of the cowboy music. Despite the groundbreaking hits, the Eagles officially disbanded in 1982. However, the band gathered again in 1994 to record a new album “Hell Freezes Over”. The first studio album after 28 years was issued in 2007 – “The Long Road Out of Eden”. It debuted on the top of Billboard 200. In 2016, the former leader of the group died, yet the Eagles are still on the go with their classic and undying songs.

    The Eagles’ Greatest Hits

    RIAA considered the band to be one of the most sold bands in the history of music and the most popular after The Beatles and Led Zeppelin. Despite the continuous disputes, the Eagles has managed to record five number-one singles. The albums “Their Greatest Hits” and “Hotel California” with a song “Hotel California” were awarded with Grammy and Music Awards. 

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  • Foo Fighters


    RDS Arena, Dublin, Ireland

    21 August 2019 (Wednesday), 06:00 PM

    14 tickets left

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  • Ariana Grande


    3Arena, Dublin, Ireland

    23 September 2019 (Monday), 07:00 PM

    Ariana Grande Concert Schedule

    Ariana Grande is a household name for her work as a musician. She’s topped the charts year after year since her debut in 2011. She’s been on numerous tours, including The Honeymoon Tour in 2015 and the Dangerous Woman tour in 2017. Speaking of tours, she has finished off the remaining concerts for the 2018 year, but already has dates up for 2019. You can see her kick off her Sweetener World Tour on March 18th in the Times Union Center in Albany, NY. Grande is also performing in major cities across the U.S. and Canada including Denver, Portland, Sacramento, and Vancouver.


    Ariana Grande Background

    Ariana Grande got her start as a singer through her work on Broadway. She appeared in a few musicals, after which she entered into the world of children’s shows through Nickelodeon where she played Cat Valentine on the famous show, Victorious. After singing on tracks from the show, her vocals caught the attention of a representative of Republic Records and the rest is history.

    Her first studio album, Yours Truly, was released in 2013 and within just a few weeks hit the number one album on the Billboard 200 charts.

    Her second album, My Everything, was released in 2014 and received similar success. My Everything also made it to the top of the Billboard 200 charts and even became number one on the UK Singles Chart.


    Ariana Grande Greatest Hits

    Ariana has an impressive list of hits in her singing career. It seems that she’s received recognition for a song in almost every album she’s released. Her most renowned tracks include “Into You", “Side to Side", “No Tears Left to Cry", “Sweetener”, “God is a Woman", and the latest, “Thank U, Next", which was released on November 3rd, 2018.

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  • Khalid


    3Arena, Dublin, Ireland

    24 September 2019 (Tuesday), 08:00 PM

    Khalid Tour Schedule

    One of the many popular and wildly talented R & B singers today is Khalid. Although he’s young compared to other artists, Khalid came in hot when he was discovered in 2016 through SoundCloud. Ever since then, he’s collaborated with several big names on a variety of records. Khalid has a deep connection with his fans, most of which are around his age.

    One way he reaches out to fans is through his tours and concerts. Khalid is set to perform in Inglewood, California on November 30th.  After that, he’s headed to San Francisco, Tampa, Toronto, Boston and few other locations to end off the year. His last concert date in 2018 is December 16th in Sunrise, Florida.


    Khalid Background

    Khalid’s full name is Khalid Donnel Robinson, though he’s simply known as Khalid. He was born in 1998 in Fort Stewart, Georgia and started his work in music when he was just in high school. Like most of the talent today, he uploaded his music to SoundCloud, where he was discovered in July 2016. His song, “Location,” became a hit and he reached number two on Billboard’s Twitter Emerging Artists chart. With this popularity, Khalid sold out all tickets for his 21-city “Location” Tour from 2016-2017. Khalid continues to lend his vocals to other artists, but also shines as a solo act.


    Khalid’s Biggest Hits

    Khalid has many hit songs that were featured in various entertainment outlets. His song, “Angels,” was featured on the hit show, Grey’s Anatomy. Khalid worked on another song with Swae Lee titled, “The Ways,” which was used in the movie, Black Panther. Another song that was critically acclaimed was “1-800-273-8255,” which he worked on with Logic. Khalid’s solo song, “Young, Dumb, and Broke,” was also a hit and was nominated for the Top R&B Song by Billboard Music Awards.

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  • Richard Hawley


    Olympia Theatre, Dublin, Ireland

    30 September 2019 (Monday), 07:00 PM

    6 tickets left

    From: £87 Buy Now
  • Hootie and The Blowfish


    3Arena, Dublin, Ireland

    04 October 2019 (Friday), 07:30 PM

    12 tickets left

    From: £82 Buy Now
  • Volbeat


    Olympia Theatre, Dublin, Ireland

    04 October 2019 (Friday), 06:00 PM

    6 tickets left

    From: £67 Buy Now
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