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Bazzi Tickets

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Bazzi Tickets

Bazzi Tour Schedule

Bazzi is a popular singer with the youth of today. He’s amassed millions of fans in just the past year alone through his viral song, “Mine.” Even before he released that song, several fans had been following him since day one. Speaking of fans, every fan loves to see their idol in action. In this case, that means doing a live performance. Bazzi doesn’t have any dates set up for concerts in 2019 yet. But he might add some depending on the date, time, and his schedule in general. Stay up to date on Bazzi’s plans so you can be ready when the tickets are released.


Bazzi Background

Bazzi, whose full name is Andrew Bazzi, was born in 1997 in Michigan. He was raised in Michigan until he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his career in music. Bazzi also started posting some songs and building a following using the Vine platform. He actually became the first Viner to release his song as a Vine Featured Track, meaning other Viners could use his song in their Vines.

During this time, he released several songs, but gained the most popularity through his song, “Mine.” It reached number 56 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. The song helped him gain more attention from prominent artists, and he got more requests for collaborations. Today, Bazzi’s worked with big names in the music industry, like Marshmello, and has also branched out to other industries, like Lay Zhang from K-Pop music.


Bazzi’s Greatest Hits

Bazzi’s career may have just begun, but he’s got his own share of hits. Probably the most song he’s created was “Mine.” It peaked on charts across several countries, including Germany, Denmark, Italy, and Sweden. Other popular songs include “Beautiful,” “Myself,” and “Why.” His album, Cosmic, also charted on U.S. and foreign markets.