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Mia Skäringer Tickets

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Mia Skäringer Tickets


Maria Elisabeth "Mia" Skäringer (born October 4, 1976) is a Swedish comedian, who has twice won the Kristallen Award.


In 1997, Mia appeared on the radio program "Bossanova "(Swedish radio P3) along with Klara Zimmergren. They also joined the radio programme "Frank and Sommarsalva" and their own radio programme "Roll on". The final episode was broadcast in January 2007.


After that, the duo started working on their first comedy show on television, later named "Mia & Klara". It was viewed by 610,000 viewers in its premiere episode. The programme continued, as season II of Mia & Klara was viewed by more than a million viewers on average for each episode


In August 2009, Skäringer released her first book, "Dyngkåt och hur helig som helst " ("Filthy horny and as holy as possible"), where she wrote about her experiences from her divorce and parenting. The book is also based on chronicles and blogs that Skäringer has written for the magazine Mama.


"Mia Skäringer - No More Fucks to Give"


Mia describes the performance as "A tribute to the woman - the feminine energy. To be everything. Ugly, beautiful, strong, weak, me. Liberation. The story of me ”. 

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